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✅ removes frustration while removing hair

✅boosts your confidence

✅creates and enjoyable hair removing experience




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smooth and stress-free hair removal

Imagine this: Removing hair can be a challenging and frustrating time-consuming task. Especially when you have skin irritation or any other skin problem. 

Introducing the GlideGroom

The GlideGroom was designed to effortlessly removing your hair with ease without any skin irritation. Making your hair experience smooth, comfortable and hassle free.

removes hair irritation for your hair

Feel more confident that your hair is actually clean & healthy. With the finest and orthopedic materials, the GlideGroom hair remover offers ultimate comfort and support for your hair. It gently removes all the skin irritation such as marks, soreness and abrasions.

fascination → satisfaction : hair remover solution

It’s no secret that removing hair can be a fascinating and frustrating task to do because of the damage they’re causing. The GlideRoom however creates a fast and seamless hair removing experience, helping you to stay calm during the process. 

What Makes Joespratt Special

Find out why you should choose our hair remover instead of other hair removal tools.



Easy to use
Eco - friendly
Cost $$$