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Unique - Arm Extension Reacher

Unique - Arm Extension Reacher

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Unique™ - Arm Extension Reacher

Say goodbye to having difficulty picking up things that are on the floor. Arm Extension Reacher are for people that have difficulty on bending or prevent dirtying hands. 

Why do you need to bend yourself for picking up an item on the floor instead of using our Arm Extension Reacher?


People instantly have difficulty bending down and picking up things that they want. WIth our Arm Extension Reacher helps you to pick up things in hard-to-reach places for people that are having difficulty in bending or prevent dirtying hands. Such as picks up coins, trash, broken glass.  

It is an ideal gift for pregnant women, elderly, and allows users to maintain independent living. 

Material: Aluminium Alloy
Size: 83 cm/32.67 inch
Foldable: 43 cm/16.92 inch
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