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SockEase - The Ultimate Sock Slider

SockEase - The Ultimate Sock Slider

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Eliminate your sock wearing struggle with our Ultimate Sock Slider 

Bending down to reach their feet can be painful or even impossible for some individuals particularly those with back pain, disability, or recovering from surgeries. The SockEase - Sock Slider is helping you put your socks effortlessly and unchallengeable without any pain.

Why get yours?

Easy To Use: SockEase revolutionises the way you put on socks making it easy to use without any struggle or frustration. With its smooth sliding action allows you to effortlessly glide your socks on, saving you time and energy in your daily routine.

Comfort and Pain Relief: With the Sock Slider it provides relief to those with mobility challenges, back pain or recovering from injuries. By eliminating the back pain battle it offers a pain-free dressing experience making putting on socks a comfortable. 

Perfectly Fit: The Sock Slider is designed to accommodate various sock sizes and styles. It makes it practical solution for people of all ages and foot shapes. Whether you wear crew socks, ankle socks, or compression socks.

Say goodbye to sock struggles and hello to effortless sock wearing. SockEase is the ultimate solution for your sock dressing needs. Embrace, comfort, independence and convenience with every step. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Elastic Plastic Plate + Nylon Lyning 
Size: 22.5  x 12 cm
Weight: 90g
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