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StepZone - Stepping Stones

StepZone - Stepping Stones

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Soft and supportive StepZone Stone. Made for balance and play. Available for any ages.

• promotes peace of mind:

• comforts and supports

• improves rest and behavior.

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from concerning → excitement in one blink

Imagine stepping into a rainbow world of fun and balance, the StepZone’s unique design gives your child exactly that. It creates a dynamic play environment, providing your baby with excitement and joy.

ease balance challenges & prevent tumbles

Crafted from durable yet soft foam, the StepZone offers a safe and supportive surface for your child. ensuring your child's comfort and confidence as they explore and play.

witness behavioural improvements first - hand

Like us, our child can feel a little nervous when faced with new challenges or uneven ground, resorting to hesitancy, fear, frustration, or even tears. StepZone stepping stones offers them a comforting haven to find their inner calm.